Fish Fillets

All fish fillets come in vacuum sealed bags with approximately 2 portions per bag - weights vary. I also sell a range of other products including prawns, scallops, squid tubes, crab meat and more.

Where to Find Red Gill Fish

The Red Gill Fish mobile seafood trailer can be found at a range of locations in Perth.

To place an order or make an enquiry please call or text Konway on 0419 868 266.

Atlantic Salmon$39.99
Baldchin Groper$69.99
Bight Redfish (Nannygai)$59.99
Bluespotted Emperor$34.99
Bronze Whaler Shark$29.99
Coral Trout$69.99
Eightbar Grouper$59.99
Goldband Snapper$49.99
Goldspotted Rockcod$54.99
Gummy Shark$29.99
Ocean Trout$44.99
Pearl Perch$49.99
Pink Snapper$54.99
Rankin Cod$59.99
Red Emperor$64.99
Red Snapper$39.99
Redspot Emperor$39.99
Redthroat Emperor$49.99
Robinson's Seabream$54.99
Ruby Snapper$49.99
Saddletail Snapper$39.99
Spangled Emperor$49.99
Spanish Mackerel$34.99
Spanish Mackerel (Cutlets)$24.99
WA Dhufish$69.99

Call now to make an enquiry or place your order 0419 868 266.