Prawns, Scallops and more

All the products on this page are sold as a frozen product (generally snap frozen at sea for maximum quality). For additional seafood check out the fish fillets page.

Where to Find Red Gill Fish

The Red Gill Fish mobile seafood trailer can be found at a range of locations in Perth.

To place an order or make an enquiry please call or text Konway on 0419 868 266.

King Prawns (Raw) [1kg]$35.99
Tiger Prawns (Raw) [1kg]$37.99
Banana Prawn Meat (Raw) [500g]$25.00
Crab Meat (Shark Bay) [500g]$35.00
Scallops (Shark Bay) [250g]$20.00
Octopus [per kg] $35.00
Squid Tubes [per kg]$28.99

Call now to make an enquiry or place your order 0419 868 266.