Rural Supply

Rural and country areas are sorely lacking in quality Australian seafood. Red Gill Fish is happy to offer bulk seafood deliveries to rural areas. We will make up an esky of fresh-frozen fillets and/or shellfish, which can be delivered to a depot near you via courier.

We use high quality vacuum bags with absorbers, and triple seal all our fish fillets. Vacuum sealing locks in the freshness and stops oxidization, maintaining the great quality of our dry-filleted fish. Freezing makes no difference to the fillets, and you guarentee yourself a great quality product when it is thawed and consumed.

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We can arrange a courier for you, or if you prefer, you can arrange your own. Couriers usually drop off orders to a truck depot that services your area. If we cannot find a courier who delivers to your location, you still have the option of picking up an order from Perth. All delivery costs are borne by you.

To arrange an order, please contact Konway on 0419 868 266.